Gray Areas

29" x 24" x 4.5"

Mixed media


I believe in gray areas. That is to say, I believe there is no absolute black and white. This leaves us all in a place of moral relativity. Maturity has the potential to bring a graying or softening of attitudes and judgements; this is to be welcomed. We can be so much freer if we can crack open the hard shell of our closed minds. 

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Gray Areas

therefore I will do it
and pledge only
to witness
and not care to the quick
for what is good and
what is bad since
most is inbetweenish
on the continuum of
the quibbling point: what
is the sharp-pointed
Crayola equivalent…
dove gray, steel gray,
slate gray, charcoal,
roots grown out gray…
surprise gray, pubic hair
pretender gray, pre-white.
celebration silver gray,
you never have to do
it again gray.
parents departed
misty orphaned gray.
coal hole that we flailingly
unfailingly try to evade…
until we realize that it’s
not a hole,
it’s a door, an
anything goes
timber wolf gray door, a
therefore door.
therefore I will do it