Frankly, I’m not sure. The word just seemed to express something otherwise inexpressible. How to explain this? Maybe if Zorro marked every piece of art with a “Z” for zest and zeal, it would approach the quality I’m getting at, which would include surprise, humor, and undiluted joy!

Color Query

I used to lean toward certain colors
peachy pinkish fleshy cellular tissue
raspberry sherbet iridescent lucky lavender twist

with a deep aqua aura soldered translucent copper
coiling silver onyx oil spilling granite mountains pouring red hot molten crimson carmine cadmium light

darkish burgundy, cranberry alizarin brightest boysenberry crumble magenta into plum magic purple peeps thru periwinkle sky, Prussian power ploy

sexy mad magenta, vivid violet into indigo bound for black Roy g Biv and Sun Yat Sensate static jet brilliant glossy enamel chinese, titanium buff to zinc

dusts ivory, wheaten whitened tan tinged ecru aged with yellow maize and mustard marigold sunshine ochre glow
And now we’ve reached…

festive zesty gutsy lusty luscious sprout and leafy lime apple chartreuse neon thyme pale olive, military khaki sage and grasses growing emerald forest mallard shadows teal and pine