These pieces might have been made by a shaman or medicine man. They often suggest human anatomy… sometimes to the extent of containing animal bones or human teeth!

They are grouped together because of magical or ceremonial properties.


Cairns caskets crypts caves

Always the need to seize to save

When the place of return is the

place of rebirth… then

Why encumber release from the earth?

Morph, molt, melt, mix

A treatise on metamorphosis

Wizard’s brew of flora and fauna

Hematite, copper, fire, and slaughter

A gift to appease the gods and the spirits

Bones stones ageing’s wrath

A tribute to being, an ash epitaph

Dust is to dust as wood

is to rock

As matter to matter to master

to mock

Lichen moss pods bark

A few short hours to leave their mark

Parasite, leucocyte, 

survivalist yearning

Turning and turning and

turning and turning